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The green famous heineken.

They contain 220MG MDMA

Every person who order this product can get some free pills with their next order what you have to do?

Review the heineken pills on the forum of the market, in our Post you can find them all over the forum.
With your next order you will get three pills for free.

Bulk orders also possible just give us a PM at the market and we can make a deal :)

Friendly Regards,


F/E trust vendor - from past reviews seems legit. (19.2.) ho***07 (€10+ • 1+)
quick shipping. great product (13.2.) Hj***ti (€100+ • 5+)
Quick delivery, great vendor! (13.2.) ca***oo (€100+ • 5+)
SCAM WARNING! FE'ed didn't even bother to mark my order as "shipped" Over 3 weeks. Nothing! (13.2.) bi***ts (€1000+ • 10+)
Super fast delivery wasn't expecting it so quick, Will definatley be ordering again! (11.2.) Cr***py (€100+ • 3+)
very good! Thx. (8.2.) wb***zo (€25+ • 1+)
very fast delivery to uk i will buy agin (7.2.) Se***79 (€100+ • 5+)

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